Written entrance exams on Kampus-rekrutacja platform - information for the candidates


To get to the recruitment for studies page go to https://irk.uw.edu.pl/.
On the Kampus-rekrutacja platform there are only the exams dedicated to the candidates who have registered in the IRK system and who have received the link to the dedicated entrance exam from the Recruitment Board.
The access to the exams will be given only to those candidates who have registered with the IRK account.

How to access Kampus-rekrutacja website

  1. Click “Log in” (top-right corner).
  2. Choose “Candidates - IRK account”.
  3. Enter login (e-mail) and password for your IRK account, then log in.
    Remember that the login and the password are case sensitive.
  4. Forgot your password? Recover it here: https://irk.uw.edu.pl/en-gb/auth/recovery/request/.

Important information

  • The Recruitment Board will inform you about the date and place of your exam (you will get the link) in the email invitation. The message will be sent to the email account you provided while registering to the IRK system. Check it on a regular basis.
  • You will not see the exams that the Recruitment Board has approved you for in the "My Exams" tab until the exam space is opened. The exam will be available for completion on the designated date and time. Before that, you will not be able to enter it!
  • We recommend to use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

What if something goes wrong?

  • I have forgotten my password to my IRK account.

You can recover your IRK account password at https://irk.uw.edu.pl/pl/auth/recovery/request/

  • I haven’t received an invitation with the direct link to my exam.

Contact the Recruitment Board (you will find the contact data in the description of the offer for the faculty you are applying for).

  • When I click on the link in the email invitation from the Recruitment Board I can see the message: “This exam is unavailable to candidates at the moment”.

Check when your exam is going to take place. It will be available only at the exact date and time, eg.if your exam starts at 13:00, you will not be able to enter it at 12:59.

  • The website is working slower on my device than previously 

In this case it might be necessary to clear your browser's cache. 

How to clear cache in your browser:
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

  • My internet connection has been lost.

How to recognize it: after clicking on any button, the exam page disappears and I receive the information that my internet connection has been lost.

    • Keep calm!
    • Do not close the browser window.
    • Do not go back with the arrow in the browser.
    • Refresh the page by pressing the F5 key or using the "Refresh" option.
    • If the exam is not over yet and you regain your connection, you will be able to continue the exam.
    • If the exam is over, note the time you lost the connection and contact the Recruitment Board.
  • The platform slowed down during the exam to such an extent that I couldn't add my answers.

How to recognize it:
- I click on the "Next Page"/"Save attempt" button but nothing happens
- after clicking on the button nothing happens and then a window with a message pops up

There may be a problem either with your internet connection, your browser or with the platform. Take a screenshot (Printscreen / PrtSc key) and note the time the problem occurred. Inform the Recruitment Board.

  • I have the internet connection but the platform has stopped working.

How to recognize it:
for example, you can get the message "Error code 502: Bad Gateway"

Take a screenshot (Printscreen / PrtSc key) and note the time the problem occurred. Most likely, the other students also have the same problem at the same time. Inform the Recruitment Board.